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A Business will always do it’s best when you have the perfect team, and finding the perfect team was what Jennifer Longo, founder and owner of Beaverton Beauty Bar & Wellness Spa, set out to do when she opened the doors to her Beauty Bar November 1st, 2019. It was a moment of confidence. The feeling of support by the people around her and honoured that she still had her 90-year-old grandfather (the entrepreneur) that she always looked up to as a little girl all the way through 40 years of her life to guide her and understand every business question she had, which was always responded with the perfect business move. One of the greatest pieces of advice Grandpa Francesco gave Jennifer was “You will always do well when you can truly say you love and care about people and finding the right people to work along side you will be the first step”. Jennifer grew up surrounded by entrepreneurship leaders to guide her to becoming the best version of herself.

“My team happened organically and with so much beauty with so many founded connections with people that shared the same passion, philosophy and love for their families and their jobs and that push to being the best version of themselves as I did. It’s a very powerful team when you get so many confident beautiful insides and out people that are forever learning and growing together. Respect is everything and understanding the definition of team is all about great leadership however, when you create a team that is built with subcontractor trained entrepreneurs you create a totally different type of funnel, one that grows roots together”
~ Jennifer Longo

We opened our doors and were welcomed into the community with open arms. 5 months after opening we were faced with another life changing event which no one expected: we went into a global pandemic and from there the rest is history. It was all about changing everything we have ever learned about business and creating a healthy and positive mindset for ourselves and everyone around us so that we were able to pivot in a creative way to get through this. Well, who thought we would be in 2021 and going into the fourth wave of the COVID 19 pandemic. We have been closed in LOCKDOWNS for over 8.5 months without working and living off government assistance. We were all thankful for the help but knew we had to reset ourselves in ways that may have to be outside of the box. Some of us went into reset mode and some people went into plan of action mode, whatever mode anyone fell into, you’re ALLOWED to handle this by doing things that bring you happiness love and joy. There has never been a right or wrong way of living in this world, there is only one right way…… and that’s YOUR WAY. This is a world where you have to be strong in who you are and what you want.

The Beaverton Beauty Bar & Wellness Spa team have so many things in common: we love people, we love bringing confidence up and empowering one another. We are a group of trained professionals that love what we do and feel blessed everyday for the clients that we work with. Servicing is a gift that we treasure everyday.

We love what we do and our mission in life is to make the world a better place one service and one product at a time.


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