Covid Protocol

Our Top Priority is Your Safety

We are taking every single proactive measure to ensure the safety of our clients and our community. We will be taking every step possible to “STAY OPEN” after we reopen from COVID-19, so that means things will be different upon your appointment.

If we all stick together and follow the plan of action then together we can ensure that everyone will stay safe.

Plan Of Action Upon Appointment

1) When you enter there will be a Stop Sign that will read please stop until you are served. 

2) There will be a paper bag with your name on it, in the bag you will put your phone and method of payment inside. The purpose is that your belongings never touch any service areas in the spa.

3) Jennifer or Spa Manager will be taking temps it will be logged beside your name in our client book and under the date that will be done daily you will also see the staff must partake in the recorded temp. 

4) There will be sanitizer that must be used before entering 

5) And last you must come in with a mask if you do not have a mask Beaverton Beauty Bar will provide one for you at the door. 

We didn’t make the rules we are just following a Plan of Action that will insure every proactive idea that has been shared with us by the government and public health, we want to be certain we have a running record that will help us live in the world of CoVid-19 Safe and sound.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us 289-231-9826.

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