Beaverton Beauty Bar & Wellness Spa has worked very hard to get out our plan of action put into place so that we will be ready to open once the government gives us the green light. We are taking every single proactive measure to ensure the safety of our clients and our community. We will be taking every step possible to “STAY OPEN” after we reopen from COVID-19, so that means things will be different upon your appointment.

I will be posting a Live Video June 12 2020 @ 3:00 that will include a step by step plan of what happens once you arrive to the beauty bar. If we all stick together and follow the plan of action then together we can ensure that everyone will stay safe. We have been reluctant to make appointments for July however we have decided that because of the reaching out by all of our clients and because we know how patient and kind and supportive you all have been we have chosen to start taking appointments for July.

We can not guarantee this appointment 100% we are simply taking a leap of faith that the spa can re-open by July. In the end the only one thing that will actually be able to confirm your appointment is the Government.

This has been a very difficult time for all of us however Beaverton Beauty Bar & Wellness Spa is so thankful that we could help you with your selfcare routines with our we care for your self care baskets.

Thank you for supporting Jennifer’s idea to help out 10 Small businesses in one basket.

“When Covid-19 Closed my doors 4 months into opening my Spa I really thought to myself I did not come this far to get this far, it just wasn’t an option to fail I really didn’t see this being the end I looked at it like it was the beginning of something new. I believe very much that things happen for a reason. Sometimes it will just stay unknow but the reason is there. Creating the WE CARE FOR YOURSELF CARE baskets was amazing I felt a unite with not only the small business owners (10) total in the baskets but all of you amazing clients and people in our community that I have never met and cant wait to see again. Thank you all so much for the beautiful welcome and the fullest of support during these unpredictable times. You inspire me to work hard at being the best version of myself and I thank you for that. I have been working on creating a Skincare line that has been in the works for sometime I took the opportunity to complete courses online and am currently in the sample stage which means my formulas are all FDA Approved and Certified.”

Beauty Bar Organic Skincare…Coming Soon

The Best part is that all the products are 100% organic and Made in Canada
If you are interested in samples and being apart of my skincare journey message me and I will add you to the list. I will share knowledge of each ingredient in each product and the benefits they have on your skin. Beauty Bar Skincare is full of all the three stages of organics.

We can’t wait to get back to work!

John, our Nurse Practitioner is the only one that is allowed to work out of the Beauty Bar. He Is almost fully booked for June 22ned for Botox appointments call 289-231-9826 to book.

Stay Strong . Stay Positive .
We Care For Your Selfcare

Beaverton Beauty Bar & Wellness

Jennifer Longo

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Plan Of Action Upon Appointment